Sunday, September 14, 2008


We finally got our TV. We still don't have a connection though. All I've been doing today is watching movies on the new TV. Well, that and doing finances. I've had the house all to myself today. What else am I supposed to do but admire our new TV? I have to put it to good use while Ira's out playing and changing the oil in his car. hehe.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


The wedding is slowly coming into place. We picked our place and I put the deposit for the place. We've decided to get married at the Martinelli Event Center rather than the Garre Winery. We couldn't get over the fact that the tent had so many flies and it seemed like we'd end up paying more for decorating over there.

We also picked a photographer. We went with Augie Chang, the same photographer that Joella and Mike had. He was really good and I like the fact that we didn't really have to do any posing at the wedding. What I mean really is that he captured all the great moments as it was happening and didn't have to make us stop and repeat what we just did. I've witnessed those types of photographers and I do not like that at all. I'm just really happy.

Overall though, it's hard to deal with the financing. So we'll see what happens. Esp. since Ira's job is kinda rocky right now. We'll make it through. I keep praying that God will work things out with Ira's job. If He feels like it's best that it doesn't work out at his current job, I just ask Him to take care of us and hopefully Ira gets a good job that he loves.

Well, more later. I'm falling asleep....

Monday, September 1, 2008


We finally bought our TV for the house. I'm so excited. Once we get it in, the living room is basically set. At least with the major furniture items. We still need to find area rugs for the couch and the dining room table. I'm just really happy. Our house is starting to really be furnished. It's a great feeling. Minus the bills of course. So far we're still doing real well in that subject. I'm just not looking forward to after the wedding bills.