Monday, October 21, 2013

Baby Update

I think I'm going to do this every week. They're both reaching such great milestones and having many adventures that I need to keep up.

Dylan is starting to run around the house now.  He's so fast. A few days ago, he's become more needy, clingy, and cries whenever one of us leaves the room.  He's had some rough nights too.  We think it's due to teething and a possible growth spurt. He's been eating a lot and always tired. I weighed him today and he's almost 20  pounds now. Here are some highlights for baby D.

Words he can say:

  • Bye-bye
  • Light! 
  • Happy Birthday (not so clear yet, but he's getting there)
  • Dad
  • Mom
  • Lolo
  • Lola
  • Ira (Yup, he knows his dad's name)
  • Choo choo
  • Andrew
  • Balloon
Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect

Body parts he knows:
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Ears
  • Head (sometimes)
  • Feet
  • Tummy
Favorite cartoon: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

He loves to dance. 

He knows how to give kisses, hugs, high fives and bump fists. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Big Brother

Dylan, you're such a character. We love you so much. You're so smart. It's only been a couple of weeks since you really learned to walk, and you're already such a walking machine. Yesterday, we even noticed you running a little around the living room.
You've learned to walk and throw away your own diapers to help us. Since then, any diaper, whether it's yours, your brothers, or cousins, you've been very willing to help and throw it away.
This past week you've been all about helping us with baby Andrew. A few days ago, Andrew started crying, you walked over, grabbed his pacifier from the sleeper, and handed it to me, telling me a bunch of things. I'm sure you were telling me to try and use the pacifier to calm him down. Then, this weekend, Andrew was crying again in his sleeper. We then watched you walk up and start rocking the sleeper and start trying to shush him back to sleep. You are already showing signs of being a fabulous Kuya/Manong. I can't wait to watch you grow even more.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Motherhood Revelation

After having our first little peanut, I was able to still figure out how to have me time. Now with two, I've realized that I don't think I will ever get me time. Well, maybe until they move out of the house.

I always have to be on it and moving 24/7. Washing the dishes, doing laundry, thinking about what's for dinner, making just doesn't stop. When I'm done with family leave and go back to work, I'll have even less time to do things around the house and fit my family, much less myself.

Even when I do find time for myself, or I decide to sleep a little more, I panic and/or feel guilty because I should've been doing something "more productive". What I need to try and remind myself is that relaxing and doing something for myself is productive. It will help energize me to be able to take care of my family better.

I have so much more respect for my parents. There are so many more items available now that wasn't back then. Wipe warmers, a diaper genie, video monitors, electric breast pumps, etc. Ok, so for the most part I don't even use most of those items either, but still. They're available to me if I wanted to.

I'm hoping I at least become as good of a mother as mine is.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What a Character

Baby D is such a character. His new thing is to make fun of Baby Andrew. When you ask him what Baby Andrew says, he'll proceed to pout and whine, then he just smiles and laughs.

Oh sibling rivalry, you're going to give us an interesting ride.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby D is not a little Peanut anymore.

Oh my baby D. So not a baby anymore. He's growing up so fast! He's really showing us his personality a lot more.

He eats so much and has recently been more vocal about not eating food that doesn't have any flavor and is pretty bland. He loves to eat just about anything, but if it doesn't have much flavor, he'll make it clear that he doesn't want to eat it. Screaming, crying, rubbing his face and pushing the food away. Actually, today during breakfast, he just started spitting out the food for the first time.

We love watching his brain really work and see how everything is processing to baby D. He loves to throw the balls we gave him. He doesn't like things in order, always wanting to take the lid off the boxes, take the letters out of his mat. Just this week, D learned how to turn on the lights. It was easy for him to figure out how to turn the lights off, but turning it on was exciting. Now he can't get enough of it.

Baby D, you're going to be a wonderful Manong/Kuya to Lil Smoky. I just know it!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Why Hello There

It's been such a hectic and interesting time since I last blogged about anything. Since then, Dylan has turned 1, he's talking so much more now, he's learning to walk, and he's eating tons of food!

Also, in bigger news. I gave birth to our 2nd baby boy. We kept it a surprise, but I had a feeling it was another boy again. He decided he didn't want to wait and came out at 30 weeks! Today, he's only 2 weeks and 1 day old. He'll be in the NICU for at least 5 weeks, but he's showing huge signs of improvement. No more IV, his jaundice level is good for now, he's taking my breastmilk ok. It's so great to know he's being a strong baby.

Now that I do have a little more time, I'd like to start blogging again. Hopefully I can get into a routine. My plan is to post things about both babies so they can look back and read how things were.