Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby D is not a little Peanut anymore.

Oh my baby D. So not a baby anymore. He's growing up so fast! He's really showing us his personality a lot more.

He eats so much and has recently been more vocal about not eating food that doesn't have any flavor and is pretty bland. He loves to eat just about anything, but if it doesn't have much flavor, he'll make it clear that he doesn't want to eat it. Screaming, crying, rubbing his face and pushing the food away. Actually, today during breakfast, he just started spitting out the food for the first time.

We love watching his brain really work and see how everything is processing to baby D. He loves to throw the balls we gave him. He doesn't like things in order, always wanting to take the lid off the boxes, take the letters out of his mat. Just this week, D learned how to turn on the lights. It was easy for him to figure out how to turn the lights off, but turning it on was exciting. Now he can't get enough of it.

Baby D, you're going to be a wonderful Manong/Kuya to Lil Smoky. I just know it!

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