Sunday, December 14, 2008


The holidays are here! Time to spend quality time with family friends, eat lots of food, and celebrate the beginning of a new year. I've heard of some people that dread the holidays because that means spending time with family, all the awkward moments that come with being with family, and anything else. For me, all those awkward, crazy moments that I come to expect during these times is what makes the holidays great. They're my family, and time is short. I'm always so excited to see the whole family, even if that means all the ghetto stuff comes out.

This is the second year without any grandparents, and the party hosting has now become the responsibility of the cousins. I don't blame the aunts and uncles for passing that on. Hosting a party, especially for our huge family, is a huge task.

This year, our family decided to do a Kris Kringle because everyone is trying to save money and our family is huge. Usually it's very easy to make my Christmas list, but this time it was so hard. I'm trying to save money for the wedding, so I just stopped looking at things for myself. There are a few non-tangible items that are on my wish list.
  • Uncle recovers & that Auntie is okay and doesn't break down with all the stress.
  • Uncle gets his act straight and doesn't F*** up Auntie again.
  • Mike's mom gets better and they find out what's wrong with her.
  • To watch over my girls in everything that's going on with each of their lives.
  • That me and Ira's wedding planning go well and we're able to be okay financially.
Ok, so there's more. But these are my big ones. There's just too much going on, and I pray everyday that everything goes well. So far, Uncle did recover well. He's now awake at least. I just pray it gets even better.

Enjoy the holidays and spend time with the people you love as much as possible. There is not enough time to spend it keeping grudges and staying pissed at people.