Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Creative Inc

I got to see Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Cho at the Creative Inc. launch party in San Francisco. They held it at Candystore Collective, a very cute clothing store with even cuter cards and paper. They even had this whole wall dedicated to plants in canvas bags filled with dirt. Loved it.
Both their websites and design work really inspire me. Their book, Creative Inc, is a great book for anyone thinking about starting up their own freelancing business. It goes through what you should expect as you begin your business, and tips on how to succeed. There are various interviews with different freelancers on what their business is like, why they decided to go down that path, and much more. This book now has a spot in my purse all the time.

 They had champagne and mini cupcakes from Mission Minis. They had some fabulous cupcakes too. The Cinnamon Horchata was pretty good.

I'm very glad I got to meet them.

Monday, September 20, 2010


My uke! My birthday present from the Mister. I still only know a few cords, but I love the sound. I’ve actually already had to tune it. We didn’t purchase an automatic tuner, so I tuned it based on Ira’s guitar. Learned something new. Love it!


The very first Coach bag that I ever wanted. I still do. Mainly because it doesn't have their logo all over it.

I think it's only in the Coach outlets though, and still out of my price range.

Vince Camuto

I really want them. The only camera I had with me was my phone. I wish it captured the color a lot better. It's a light pale pink. Beautiful.

I'll have to wait until our vacation shopping is done before considering this purchase. I'm scared it won't be available by then though.

Topless meetings? Yes please!

How long can you go without checking your phone or be on your laptop? Huh...I say this as I'm on the computer...

Either way, it's going to be real nice to be on hiatus from these things for awhile.

Print is not dead!

I'm so excited for this magazine to come out. Print is definitely not dead.

Anthology Magazine

They even created this video to help launch the magazine. Such a cute video. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


It’s always amazing how bad things tend to bring family and friends together again. Most of the time it turns out to be petty things too that bring the family or friends apart. Don’t get me wrong, when things go bad, I have a hard time setting aside my pride or getting enough courage to face the issue head to head. But do we really have to let it get to the point where a horrible situation is what brings the group back?

There are many times that I’ve seen this happen. Petty things that take years to get resolved only get confronted at a deathbed, or when someones in the hospital. It’s sad too because most of the time when it’s been confronted, the other party has already forgiven the situation as well. Everyone’s happier that it’s been put aside.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Find the courage to face the issue head on, otherwise you may just regret it.

Marcel the Shell

I think I love Marcel the Shell

Tumblr vs. Blogger

Okay, so here is the list that I came up with while going back and forth between Tumblr and Blogger. Here are the Pro's and Con's I had of Tumblr.

  1. No one can post comments on any posts. They do have a "reply" feature that you can enable, but that's only replies from people you follow. Even with this, you can't reply to your own posts or any other replies that you receive. If you do decide to enable this feature, you can't edit or delete any replies that you do receive...meaning you're stuck with any weird replies that may have been posted.This is actually a huge deal to me. I'm currently debating on which is better, and no one can comment back on this post and give me suggestions and/or opinions.
  2. Their dashboard where you can follow specific people only allows you to follow only Tumblr blogs. At least with Blogger, I was able to follow any type of blog, regardless if it was a Blogger one or not.
  3. They don't have a stats page. At least one that I could find. I recently found out that Blogger keeps stats of how many times your blog has been seen by people. 
  4.  I had a pretty hard time finding a way to search my email contacts for friends blogs on Tumblr.
  5. You can't import your old blogs from different programs (blogger, wordpress, etc.)
  1. They allow you to keep your copyrights.
  2. The Tumblr app on my Droid is super easy and simple to use.
  3. You can automatically publish to Twitter and Facebook, which I think is a great feature.Tumblr is great for sharing things and connecting it to your Twitter.
  4. You can backup your blog, which again is a great feature, but Blogger does this as well.
  5. You can draft a bunch of posts and then create a queue to post them automatically. However, Bloggers similar feature is a lot easier to use and has more options. You can specify a date and time when you want the blogs to post on Blogger.
Overall, it seems to me that Tumblr is more for those that do mini posts to their blog pretty frequently. All the pieces to it (their apps, their website and the publishing) seem very handy and simple to those that do mini posts. Blogger seems better for those that do a little more blogging. So really, you just have to pick which one suits you better.

Here's a great article I linked to earlier about Tumblr that basically confirmed my decision to stick with Blogger. 

Anyone else have thoughts or opinions on Tumblr? I'd love to know.

I love my mom

I love my mom. She's basically the only aunt in my family that is pretty up-to-date on all the electronics and other business. She's definitely the most tech-savvy out of her side of the generation. Yet this conversation had me wiping away tears and reaching for my inhaler.

My Mister: I used to work at EA.
My mom: Oh, is that a museum?


Another case in point. Here is what happened when me and the cousins kept talking about Glee.

Auntie Bitha: Is Glee a person?
Everyone else: ...Silence...


Actually, it's not just kids, but parents and aunts also say the darndest things. Sometimes you don't realize how much of a gap there is between generations until you hear something that seems so weird to you.

August 2010 birthday dinner:

Jon: 15 years later, it's still funny to watch Shaq throw a free throw.
Auntie Bitha: Is he a basketball player?

Kid's Say the Darnest Things

You always have to remember the random things kids say. I'll never forget this conversation my sister had with our niece at our Christmas 2008 party after we saw a bunch of crayon marks all over my cousins wall.

Lana: Erin, who drew on the walls?
Erin: I dunno...it was Grandma Sayong...

Soul Searching

While my husband and I were on BART coming home from the Creative Inc. launch party, we had a small conversation that showed me just how much he truly knows me more than I might know myself. He knows exactly what I need to hear and how to tell me. It started because I was so motivated after meeting Meg Mateo Ilasco & Joy Cho.

Me: I love food and wedding planning so much, but I just don't know which one I should go for.
Husband: Maybe you just need to do some soul searching...alone...
Me: ...yea...I really do...
Me: What should I do?
Husband: Without me. You can't do soul searching with me. That's not the definition of being alone.
Me: You don't count. You're my second half of my soul. *huge grin*
Husband: *gag* Wow...you're such a girl... *gag*

Happy Birthday Ninang Kathy

My birthday drawing from my Godson. So happy the mailman didn’t bend the envelope. Once I got it in the mail, I went searching for a frame for it. I wrote on my Facebook status that I was looking for a frame for my birthday drawing. I later found out that my cousin showed that to my godson and he just sort of shrugged, but once he turned to walk away, my cousin said he had a huge grin on his face. He's at the age where he doesn't show too much emotion, but I'm very glad to know it made him happy that I was framing his drawing.


I'm now at the age where everyone around me is getting married. Observing all the newlyweds and couples that have been together for years, I find myself always being very thankful for the kind of marriage that I have.

I married my best friend. Someone I love to share everything with. Even the non-important things like what I had for lunch, or I stubbed my toe, or I someone said this to me...everything. If I'm invited somewhere, I tell him, not because I feel like I have to, but because I want to. It always surprises me sometimes why some couples feel compelled to hide things from their significant other. Why? Maybe that works for them, but I just don't get it sometimes. I married him because I love him, he's my best friend. I'm very thankful for the type of marriage I have. The good and the not so good that come with it.I couldn't have asked for more.

 Photography by: Augie Chang Photography

Senior Management

Pretty interesting article. So true also. You see this a lot.

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Our very first real plants that we're trying to keep alive.So far so good. =)

To Tumbler or Not to Tumblr?

Final decision? Not to Tumblr.

Based on what I use my blogging for, Tumblr is not the right program for me. I am going to transfer my Tumblr blogs back into my original Blogger. Watch out for them soon. =)

I had made my own observations and conclusions, and this guys blog confirmed it. He even saw some things that I noticed and didn't like about Tumblr. (Like how it's so difficult to find your friends Tumblr blogs and follow them.)

Good-bye Tumblr, Hello again Blogger.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Blog Gnome Part 2

Okay...here's the new Gnome for this blog. I've decided to keep my food blog in Blogger.

So far, tumblr is pretty nice. I'm still trying to figure things out, so please excuse the mess until I full move in. Thanks.