Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quirky Parents

Everyone always says that you should keep a little notebook of the cute/fun things your children say and/or do. I'm definitely planning to do that, most likely on my blog.

But what about a notebook for the fun/crazy things your parents say? My parents are notorious for saying such random comments. After today's random comment, I plan to keep a notebook of what my parents say as well.

Today, my mom was carrying the little one as he was sleeping.

Mom (As she's checking his forehead): "You know, when you go to the doctor, you need to ask why this is bumper than the other." 
Me & Lana: ??? Blank stares. Then complete laughter. 

I love my parents.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cover Songs

I love finding great cover songs from various people. Especially when they decide to make it their own. It's starting to become a routine, but me and the little one listen to music every morning after his play time and breakfast feeding. Today was all about cover songs. Here are some of my favorites from Walk Off The Earth and Carissa Rae & Michael Alvarado of Us. Love their covers. I think I could listen to Walk Off The Earth covers all day long.

Walk Off The Earth - Somebody That I Used to Know (Gotye)

Us - Can't Buy Me Love (Beatles)

Walk Off The Earth - From Me To You (Beatles)

Walk Off The Earth - Payphone (Explicit Version)

Walk Off The Earth - Grenade (Bruno Mars)

Us - In The End (Linkin Park)

Us - Sway

Us - Where Have You Been (Rihanna)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Post Labor Body

When I was pregnant, I was so fascinated with how my body changed throughout the whole process. I actually felt pretty cute as a pregnant woman. It never occurred to me that my body will be very different after our little Peanut entered this earth...until the day after Peanut entered this earth.

Ladies, your stomach DOES NOT immediately flatten out like a deflated balloon. Nope. It looks like you're still pregnant. I even had some lady congratulate me and ask me when I was due at the hospital. I had to tell her that I just had my baby a few days ago. Ok, so I can accept that. My body had just gone through a drastic event. Understandable. My body still had a lot of recovering and healing to do.

It's only until I was pretty recovered and had to go out more that I began to get sad. I couldn't fit into any of my older clothes. Nothing looked the same and I still looked pregnant. I went shopping yesterday for work clothes, since I will be going back to work eventually. I went up 3 sizes! It may not sound a lot, but for someone that has been always small, it's pretty drastic.

My new mission while I'm still on leave is to start eating healthier and exercising. I would like to have a flat stomach before I go back to work. Is that too ambitious? Maybe. But it doesn't hurt to try.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Not So Dirty Thirty

Yesterday, I turned 30. The only time I actually feel my age is when I'm around my nieces and nephews and realize they're teenagers. Man, does time fly.

Hubby decided to work from home yesterday so that I can do what I'd like for the day. With Dylan, it wasn't much. All I wanted in the morning was to go to Starbucks to get my free coffee. It's the little things that I love. He then took me out to lunch and to get tapioca milk tea, which I'm currently obsessed with. I found out later that he had booked dinner for me at the Hornblower in San Francisco. I loved it. As much as I dislike the travel to the city, it's very beautiful. I'll have to post some picture soon. We just purchased a fancy smancy camera and took some awesome pictures on the boat. The sunset over the bay is gorgeous.

In addition to that wonderful birthday gift, Dylan decided to give me one on his own also yesterday. He rolled over on his own! I laid him down on his back on our bed while we were getting ready for the day. I watched him move onto his side and thought, "Hmmm, he must be more comfortable on his side right now." A few moments later of quiet movement, he rolls himself over to his tummy. I was so excited, and then realized we now must really watch him now that he's become more mobile. I wish I caught it on camera. I was just too entranced with watching his movements.

So happy birthday to me. I have a wonderful set of men in my life. God is good.