Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Post Labor Body

When I was pregnant, I was so fascinated with how my body changed throughout the whole process. I actually felt pretty cute as a pregnant woman. It never occurred to me that my body will be very different after our little Peanut entered this earth...until the day after Peanut entered this earth.

Ladies, your stomach DOES NOT immediately flatten out like a deflated balloon. Nope. It looks like you're still pregnant. I even had some lady congratulate me and ask me when I was due at the hospital. I had to tell her that I just had my baby a few days ago. Ok, so I can accept that. My body had just gone through a drastic event. Understandable. My body still had a lot of recovering and healing to do.

It's only until I was pretty recovered and had to go out more that I began to get sad. I couldn't fit into any of my older clothes. Nothing looked the same and I still looked pregnant. I went shopping yesterday for work clothes, since I will be going back to work eventually. I went up 3 sizes! It may not sound a lot, but for someone that has been always small, it's pretty drastic.

My new mission while I'm still on leave is to start eating healthier and exercising. I would like to have a flat stomach before I go back to work. Is that too ambitious? Maybe. But it doesn't hurt to try.

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