Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mod Kitty Backpack

I love this backpack! It would be a great gift for our flower girls, but I'm not sure they'll enjoy it as much as I would. Plus, it's not really in our price range for the gifts. Either way, this is something too cute to keep to myself. I must share. =)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Farewell Pretty Bag

I'm still going to use it, because it has one strap, but I'm still very sad. I got this bag at Target and I love it! One day, I picked it up and the strap broke. I don't think Target makes these bags anymore. It's okay. I've found tons of cute bags at Etsy. I just have to wait until after the wedding. :(


Awhile back, I came home from work and I found a new friend wandering around our house. He/she was a nice change of visitors from the huge bunnies that run across the street at night from the empty field across our house. I'm hoping he found his way to some lake.

Friday, July 3, 2009


This blog has become a hodgepodge of information. First it was about random things in my life, now it's leaning towards things that I find on the web and inspirational sort of things. Oh well. If anyone knows me, I'm pretty random and go off on tangents anyways. So why should my blog be any different?

Anyways, I found this Etsy seller, nervoussystem who sells jewelry. I especially love this unique ring that sort of twists. I also love this necklace. She's got other cute necklaces, but this one stood out to me because of all the detailing.

50 People, 1 Question

This project is sort of similar to PostSecret in the sense that it brings a bunch of people together. I love it. It's very interesting to see and hear the different reactions to the same question.

Check it out: Fifty People, One Question

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paper Cuts

I love Julene's work. It's all hand cut. Too bad our one year anniversary already passed. This would be a great one year anniversary gift. Especially since the one year anniversary gift is Paper. I'm still considering this as my parents gift, or maybe even something for our house in the future. Here are my 2 favorites.