Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Time flies!

My baby is growing up so fast! 2 nights ago was Dylan's first night to sleep in his very own room in his crib. We all survived. Last night, he did it again and we survived. I love it.
He's definitely showing his personality now. I wish I blogged about it more so I won't forget, but I love just spending time with him. By the time I remember, I'm too sleepy to blog. Here is just a few things we've seen Dylan do already:
· 2 weeks ago, Dylan did his very 1st few army crawls towards his Auntie Jasmine. So exciting! He's been rolling around and trying to get better at crawling ever since.
· Because he's teething, he likes to make bubbles and spit. So much drooling!
· He tends to throw tantrums. Especially when he's eating and has has to much to eat. His way of throwing tantrums: freaking out and scratching his head.
· He loves to play with his shadow. I love this little guy.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

He's Growing

My baby boy took a few army crawls Sunday night. Ever since then he's been doing his very best to become mobile and perfect his little army crawl. I'm such a happy mama.