Sunday, December 14, 2008


The holidays are here! Time to spend quality time with family friends, eat lots of food, and celebrate the beginning of a new year. I've heard of some people that dread the holidays because that means spending time with family, all the awkward moments that come with being with family, and anything else. For me, all those awkward, crazy moments that I come to expect during these times is what makes the holidays great. They're my family, and time is short. I'm always so excited to see the whole family, even if that means all the ghetto stuff comes out.

This is the second year without any grandparents, and the party hosting has now become the responsibility of the cousins. I don't blame the aunts and uncles for passing that on. Hosting a party, especially for our huge family, is a huge task.

This year, our family decided to do a Kris Kringle because everyone is trying to save money and our family is huge. Usually it's very easy to make my Christmas list, but this time it was so hard. I'm trying to save money for the wedding, so I just stopped looking at things for myself. There are a few non-tangible items that are on my wish list.
  • Uncle recovers & that Auntie is okay and doesn't break down with all the stress.
  • Uncle gets his act straight and doesn't F*** up Auntie again.
  • Mike's mom gets better and they find out what's wrong with her.
  • To watch over my girls in everything that's going on with each of their lives.
  • That me and Ira's wedding planning go well and we're able to be okay financially.
Ok, so there's more. But these are my big ones. There's just too much going on, and I pray everyday that everything goes well. So far, Uncle did recover well. He's now awake at least. I just pray it gets even better.

Enjoy the holidays and spend time with the people you love as much as possible. There is not enough time to spend it keeping grudges and staying pissed at people.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Warriors Game

Went to a Warriors game against the Portland Trail Blazers. It was awesome. Some annoying guys came to sit in front of us after finding out some guys didn't use their season tickets for the night. They were quite annoying. I love how fans get together and watch sports, but there are just those annoying fans that ruin it for everyone. Everyone that came to just watch the game and really enjoy the sport. Not those trash talking fans that don't even know the difference between offense and defense. Very sad that even I know the difference and I don't follow the sport too often. After last night, I really like Biedrins and Morrows. Thanks love for taking me to the game with you. Looking forward to the next one you take me to. =)

Now, on to work in a sleepy, dioriented state after only 4.5 hours of sleep...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


We finally got our TV. We still don't have a connection though. All I've been doing today is watching movies on the new TV. Well, that and doing finances. I've had the house all to myself today. What else am I supposed to do but admire our new TV? I have to put it to good use while Ira's out playing and changing the oil in his car. hehe.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


The wedding is slowly coming into place. We picked our place and I put the deposit for the place. We've decided to get married at the Martinelli Event Center rather than the Garre Winery. We couldn't get over the fact that the tent had so many flies and it seemed like we'd end up paying more for decorating over there.

We also picked a photographer. We went with Augie Chang, the same photographer that Joella and Mike had. He was really good and I like the fact that we didn't really have to do any posing at the wedding. What I mean really is that he captured all the great moments as it was happening and didn't have to make us stop and repeat what we just did. I've witnessed those types of photographers and I do not like that at all. I'm just really happy.

Overall though, it's hard to deal with the financing. So we'll see what happens. Esp. since Ira's job is kinda rocky right now. We'll make it through. I keep praying that God will work things out with Ira's job. If He feels like it's best that it doesn't work out at his current job, I just ask Him to take care of us and hopefully Ira gets a good job that he loves.

Well, more later. I'm falling asleep....

Monday, September 1, 2008


We finally bought our TV for the house. I'm so excited. Once we get it in, the living room is basically set. At least with the major furniture items. We still need to find area rugs for the couch and the dining room table. I'm just really happy. Our house is starting to really be furnished. It's a great feeling. Minus the bills of course. So far we're still doing real well in that subject. I'm just not looking forward to after the wedding bills.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I found a bunch of my saved letters and stuff at my parentals house so I took the boxes back with me to the house. I just went to clean out the boxes and see what exactly was in it. Lo and behold, there's all the emails and letters and notes that Ira had written me. Man were those emails long! Right now, he's at Willy's house playing poker with the boys. So I laid here, skimming through the emails and letters. I can't help but smile. He's so cute. His emails still make me smile and giggle and makes my heart palpitate. Hahaha.

I love him, and I can't wait to see what God has planned for the rest of our lives together. I really really love him.


Man...I have so much to catch up on. I think I'm going to start making it a nightly routine to type up a blog and get everything out of my head.

On the way home today, there was this ghetto guy that was behind me doing something I thought was really random. He had his sweater sleeve shoved in his mouth, and he was just sucking on it. It was the weirdest thing. I still can't figure out why. Jel thinks maybe he spilled something on it. Haha.

  • Got our couch and dining set yesterday. Mom came with us and bought her sofas at the same time. She did what she always does, haggles the salesman until she gets the price she wants. =) Not our problem. We're not on the receiving end of her haggling. hehe.
  • I found my wedding dress. I'm so happy with it. I can't stop staring at the pictures of it. I actually found it at David's Bridal. I'm glad too, because the one I really want is too expensive. I'd rather spend that money on something else. I'm very very happy with my pick. How exciting.
  • Arlyn came to visit me on my birthday. We had a small bbq, and Jen came over with her in tow. She made me cry! I love her so much. We spent the weekend together.

Ok. Time for bed. More later. I'm sleepy.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


* I'm babysitting Rocky at the house for tonight while the parentals are in Vegas...both parentals + Tita Aida.

* Lana's sleeping over tonight too cause she is officially creeped out by a "professional" guy from Craigslist.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

R.I.P. Auntie Beth. You are now in a better place without pain. We love you.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I'm worried about the family. Auntie is now unconscious. I haven't heard too much after that. Well, that was only about an hour ago that I heard this news. Mng. Jing hasn't really been as emotional about this whole thing, which really scares me because this will just either blow up when the time finally comes for her to go, or he'll bottle it up. And that's even worse. Although, knowing the Corpuz men, he'll explode and it'll be really hard. I'm worried about my daddy too. The life cycle is really taking it's turn. So many kids in the family, and more funerals...

Which on another hand scares me because my daddy is older than I think. And it's not like he's the healthiest person in the world. Ahhh...I don't want to think about all that. Not right now. But, this does make me really think we have to go through their will and I need to figure all that stuff out.

I'm sad...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Marriage Life

Is wonderful, and extremely tiring. At least for now. So much stuff needs to be done at the house, I've got about 3 days left with the apartment. =( So sad. I'm really going to miss the girls. On a good note, living with Ira is a wonderful experience. We get on each others nerves every now and then, but at the end of the day, there is nothing I want more than to climb into bed with him. He makes me very happy and I'm really looking forward to all the good and bad that come our way. Well okay, maybe not so much the bad stuff, but I can't really help that.

We had a little meeting with Pastor Church. We have homework, to fill out this marriage questionnaire. It'll be interesting to see what we both put for the answers. We have a final meeting with him in the beginning of June to go over the stuff and to talk a little more about it.

I'm sleepy, and want to go home, but I can't leave without the clothes in the dryer....Bah!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2 more days...

Well okay, more like one and a half. I'm now starting to get really excited. I'm starting to really shut down at work. hehe. I'm not even getting cold feet at all. I have never been so sure about something in my life. A few weeks ago, I was driving home to San Jose, and it hit me...I'm not even freaked out at all. People say you get cold feet and question whether it really is meant to be and you should get married. For me, that has never happened. This is something that feels so right. I couldn't help smiling the rest of the drive home. It's actually coming true...

Haha. Although, we do fight a lot more now. But it's all in the fun of getting to truly know each other and how it will be to live with each other. Regardless of all the stupid arguments, I still feel like this is the right thing for me.

Oh buggah...I'm gonna end up crying on Friday in front of everyone...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Porn for the Blind

So I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about how these guys had started "porn for the blind". Haha. They went on to play a clip of it. Man, they were so proper that it was just comical. Really, if a blind person wanted to listen to porn, they wouldn't want to listen to that...

I am now curious on what they had to offer the blind...

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Auntie is quickly getting worse. She is officially on hospice. She weighs less than I do and has an oxygen tank. It was slightly hard to see. She's just very thankful that God had given her 5 years. Everyone started to think that we would've lost her last week. I think that seeing the family has given her more strength than wear her out. It still hasn't sunk in that I may have to be going to a funeral this year...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm stuck in traffic. Haven't even reached Capitol Ave. yet. It's already about forty five minutes. This is something that I am not going to miss.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Saturday was Papa's birthday. He would've been 101. I miss him and wish he could be here to share my joy.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Old Couple

Friday, as I was driving to Borders to hang out while waiting for Ira to get off work, I noticed an old couple under an umbrella waiting for their turn to cross the street. After pressing the cross street button, the old lady quickly walked back under the umbrella and put her arm through his and leaned her head on his shoulder. Just her body language said a lot. It was like they were a young couple falling in love and on a date. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. As I drove past them, I looked at their faces, and they couldn't have been less than 70. Maybe around 75, and they looked extremely happy and content. No stress.

I hope that Ira and I are like that when we get that old.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's time.. get ready to go to our final walk through and receive the keys. We received word that is was funded yesterday and we are closing escrow today as planned. I'm excited and anxious. Today should hopefully be a good day. =)

Although I'm not sure cause I'm about to call the advice nurse to see if I need to come in and get antibiotics. I think I may have a sinus infection. I've been getting sinus headaches every morning lately. So far, I didn't get one this morning, but we'll see... it's still 8am.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


It was not what I had wanted to deal with. I am truly not comfortable until we get the keys in our hands. We have a date to schedule the signing first thing on Monday morning. We have had the worst service ever throughout this whole experience with BofA. It's such bull****. Our loan processor has the worst customer service ever, and there is no doubt that later I will be contacting his boss. And if I have to, his bosses boss, etc. I'm irritated and tired.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Today is it. We should be getting a call from our escrow officer today to come in and sign the loan documents. Then we have to go get the cashiers checks and sign the documents. I'm nervous. Hopefully the money has cleared in his bank account already. I'm very excited that I keep coughing up green luggies. Hahaha.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I've been very productive at work, and I am beginning to really like it. I'm learning a lot about how to deal with certain things, and I really try to keep my mouth shut in certain things too. I'm also realizing that the more you get deeper into things, you learn things about higher management that you do not always like. I am feeling very sorry for someone who got stuck with a task/project that is morally incorrect (at least to the majority of people). This person will most likely become the fall back "you're to blame" individual for when this project backfires. I somehow think this is because the rest of the higher up management (above this specific person) does not have the guts to talk back and speak their mind to the head honcho. It's really sad....

On to a better note. I now have an official engagement ring. It's the ring that mom gave me from Mama Ana. I used to always wear it, and then I had to stop because it started to only fit my wedding finger, and everyone had started asking me if I was engaged. We decided to use this as my engagement ring. Like an heirloom. You know, I never really liked gold, but before I had stopped using it, I remember starting to always think of it as an engagement ring and how I kinda liked how it looked and that it would be nice to have mine be like that. Well...turns out it's going to be mine after all. Hehe.

I'm falling asleep, but to end this's the best craigslist post ever! (I'm copying and pasting since they may take it down since it's so creepy...)

Young professional seeks cute girl to cook clean massage- FREE RENT (san jose downtown)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-03-11, 11:58AM PDT

I have a cottage/house near downtown San Jose and I am looking for a cute girl to live in, cook, clean, massage and also take care of the place while I am gone. I am in my late 20's and travel a lot for work. The house is spacious but very old so I am doing some work on it now. You would have your own room and bathroom. I think this is a great deal for the right girl. If you think you are a fit, write me back with some photos of you and some info about yourself. If interested, I will get back to you promptly. Thanks!
  • cats are OK- purrr
  • dogs are OK- wooof
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 602892032

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm Calm

It's now set. We have locked in the rate and loan that we had originally preferred and hoped to get. Now it's on to completing this loan and getting even closer to closing escrow. Oh yes, and it's closer to having to pick paint for the walls of the house. I'm very excited now. I'm not as freaked out now that the loan and rate is locked.

Although I'm starting to think that the person that did our loan approval either doesn't know all the rules, or he's trying to trick us into a doing things that aren't in our best interest. We'll see. We don't know all the details. Maybe we'll find out more later.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Official

We have the ratified contract. We are now starting the the journey towards closing escrow and becoming homeowners. I am slowly starting to freak out about how much debt we are going to be in for a few months. It hurts, but this is going to be one of the best investments we could ever make. I freak out every now and then thinking about how we're going to make it, but you know, God allowed us to get the house for a great bargain, so there has to be a reason right? We'll make it through. Now it's time to tell the girls that I may be slowly moving out in about a month.

*sigh* This is going to be tough, but I couldn't ask for a better person to go through all this with.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I dreamt that the Hayward agent called us to meet with him about the builders response to our offer. When we got there, he proceeded to tell us that they didn't accept our offer but they counter offered with $475. We looked at each other, and then said, we'll take it. Then I woke up.

Most of my dreams tend to be like a pathway to the future because they usually come true. But in this case, I think I may have dreamt what I wanted to come true.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Offers Galore

Okay, so we made our very first real estate offer. This is definitely not going to be the last offer we ever make. I hope we do a lot more to reach our dream home. We made a really low offer to our Hayward choice, which I knew that it would be rejected, but there's no harm in trying. Also, our low offer gives them the flexibility to counter offer and we can work things out to reach the best deal for us both. However, we don't know what the builders are looking for, so they can just flat out reject our offer without giving a counter offer. Somehow I don't think so though because they'll see we actually got pre-approved for a lot more, so that should show them we have a lot more flexibility. I don't know. I've never done this before. It's a learning process for both of us. I must admit though that I was sad when I actually heard that our offer could get rejected. It's one thing to know that it most likely won't be accepted, but it's another to actually hear it. I really don't know what it is, but that home feels like the right one for now. I do like the place. Granted, it's not a place to raise a family because the school district sucks, but hopefully by then we would've saved enough to be able to move out of that area and into a better one.

All I know is that for the past week or so, I've decided to put this decision in God's hands. If it is really meant to be for us to take Hayward, then our offer will go through, or at least the counter offer will be something in our range. We set a max price, so we'll see what happens. God will show us which is best for us. If we're not meant to be there, this process won't turn out right. Maybe He'll point us more towards Ardenwood. This is a very big decision, and as much analyzing and freaking out that we do (well me, because he doesn't freak out, it's only me) that isn't enough. It's also what God thinks will be best for us for the near future. What if He knows that we won't be able to move out of Hayward before we start a family? He may point us towards Ardenwood. Or if He knows things will work out okay, he'll allow Hayward to go well.

I'm rambling on now. I don't care. This is just something that's very important and will affect our future. It was just very cute when Ira rubbed my belly today and mentioned what if we have a baby and can't move out? That mini little gesture made me really happy and I just know that whatever the hardships, God will pull us through.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I'm sad because Thrice is currently playing at the Fillmore and I'm not there to see them. Right now! They're starting their concert. Waaaa! The tickets are only $20. I have to see them. They're coming again in May. I must see them. I must. I have been wanting to see them in concert for sooooo long.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Growing up

I'm becoming very nervous about our appointment on Saturday. I've got to be strong. I must not give in. Things are going to come into play. I want to go there at night to see what the area is like at night. I mean, if that's where I'm going to live, it would be nice to see what it's like at night right? Hmmm. I'm becoming very nervous. God has a plan. He really does. If it's meant to be that we stay in Hayward, then they will give in to our offer. It will come through for us.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cultural Barrier I was out trying to find bridesmaid dresses with Ira's sisters and we came across a cultural/language barrier, and I almost feel like it really wasn't one. We went into a bridal store run by some asian ladies. His sister asked if she can try on a few dresses. The first question was, "Are you going to by the dress today?" Well, we don't know yet. That's why we're going to try it on, see if we like it. All of a sudden, it was like she shut us out from the start. "Well, I don't see why you want to try it on then if you're not going to buy it today." I mean, those were not the exact words, but really, how is it that she automatically assumed that trying on something meant we would buy the dresses right then and there? Eventually, since the conversation kept going back and forth with us saying, "well that's why we want to try it. We don't know if we're going to like it yet." And her shutting us out, "why try it on if you're not going to buy it today..." So we ended up just leaving because it was so frustrating. At first we thought it could have been a cultural/language barrier, but I kind of don't think so. I think it was just plain rudeness. Well, maybe it's in their culture to buy something without trying it on first. I'm not sure....all I know is that it was pretty shocking and irritating...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yay! I'm excited!

This may be short for now, but I'm really excited. We're going to get pre-approved today. Our hold at the Hayward place got extended. We decided that place will be our last resort, and we shouldn't just settle for Hayward. If they can get the price down to the $400's, then we're going to take it. So we're going to find out how desperate they are.

The places in Fremont are really nice, so we're going to go see those older homes after we get pre-approved. Tita Lea sent us about 17 older listings of homes available in Fremont. The one we really like has 8 offers already. We're not really sure how that happened since the market sucks, so we're going to ask her why they have that many offers.

Also, I'm excited about this season of American Idol. I don't know why, I just think there's a lot more talent that the previous years. We're going to start a poll at work again like last season.

AND I'm excited because I got a 1593 in Virus Buster!!! Hell yea!

Time to finish getting ready. Gotta look pretty for pre-approval. hahaha.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


It's so hard for me to keep track on my priorities right now. Especially when they're all very important and life changing.

Let's see the issues I seem to be having:

  • I understand that I need to focus on the process of buying a house first, but every now and then I can't help myself from looking for a place to have my wedding next year. It's peak wedding time, and I know that we have to book a place and photographer way in advance, which is why I seem to find myself looking every now and then. BUT that means putting a down on the wedding place and photographer, meaning less money to be able to put for the downpayment of our house. Hence the reason why I need to stay focused on the house first.
  • I also understand that buying a house is very important and should never be rushed or settled on. We end up seeing a place, but there's something wrong with it, yet ever now and then it feels like I'm rushing the process to find a home. I seem to find myself really liking certain houses that either:
    • Is too expensive
    • Has a tandem garage (which seems to be the latest fad now, which is stupid...)
    • Not a good location
I need to relax and stop thinking that we're going to miss out on a good deal or good place because the market is so good right now.

Thank goodness I have him to bring me back to reality and calm me down. I mean, I'm not stressed, at least I don't feel like I am. I just can't focus on the house first all the time, and assure myself that the right first house will come. There is no need for me to worry about that.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

...I Got The Blessings...

It's time for me to go to work, but I can't leave until I get this out of my system. Mama came into my dreams to give me her blessings. I know that sounds weird, but I truly believe she did. I dreamt that I was in a room with her and the family, and we were all talking to her, as she was writing down something for us. All of a sudden, people were telling me, you should tell her before she leaves. So I went up to her, and said, "Oh Mama, guess what? I'm getting married." She looked at me, and she said, "Oh good. I've been wanting you to get married. I'm so happy for you." She gave me this hug, and she looked at me with this happy smile. I have a feeling she was going to tell me more, but I woke up because I was crying so much. All my tears woke me up. I tried going back to sleep to see what else she was going to tell me, but I couldn't stop crying. Just like now, and I have to stop cause I have to go to work...I miss her so much, her and Papa. And it really hurts to know they can't be there physically. But this dream made me so happy. It's as if I really know they'll be there for me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

God has a plan...

There is way too much of that going around me right now. Good people are having to deal with things that I would never wish upon anyone. It makes me very sad and helpless to hear about everything going on. It's the worst to know very well that there is nothing you can do but listen and lend a shoulder (or ear) to depend upon.

I'm becoming more curious about Parkinsons. Someone dear to me is having to see one of their parents go through it, and it's just getting worse as time goes on. Cancer, of course, is another that is affecting someone I love. Cancer tends to run in the family, and it sucks.

It's amazing though to hear about how they deal with things. I mean, knowing that they're living day to day, yet they're making the most out of everything. They're not just sitting at home, sulking and cursing God for doing that to them. My aunt felt like going to Monterey with my parents one day, so they drove down here from Sacramento just to go to Monterey and enjoy it. That is just really awesome to me. Sad, but amazing.

All I can do now is just pray for them and the family. It happens for a reason right? God has a plan...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Prayer at the Gym

So here's something random, yet calming and respectful to me. I was at the gym a couple of weeks ago, and as I was suffering from side twists, I noticed that there is a guy at the corner doing stretches. All of a sudden, he stops and kneels to pray. He is literally there in the middle of the gym on his mat, just praying. Eyes closed, hands folded at the chest, somber look and everything. I thought, "wow, that is so amazing." What's even more amazing to me is that he continued to pray for what seems like a good 5 minutes. I was such a shock to me that I just stopped working out to stare. It really amazes me at how rare it is to see someone pray in public, yet it is a very calming feeling to me whenever it is seen. I really do respect that guy for doing it. I saw him again today at the gym, but I didn't get the privilege of seeing him pray. I think it wasn't time. Although he was in the exact same spot in the gym. I wonder what religion he is...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Turkey's, Handbags & Shoes, Oh My!

So every few often, I get the joys of passing through turkey's to get into our company building. Late last week, everyone had the joy of seeing 3 large turkey's with their feathers all spread and everything. It was beautiful. On another note, I went to the mall near my house today, and I remembered that my coworker told me that Nordstroms had my handbag at the mall near work. So I decided to just see if this Nordstroms had it. did. It was the first one I saw. Once I touched it, it was over. The leather is so soft and shiny. The inside is so beautiful. Within 5 minutes, I had put the bag on the counter and paying for it. BUT, here is a pair of pretty shoes that I had purchased a few days earlier. I think I may have to return them now that I have my Hayden Bag. *WAAAAHHHH*

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's a Handbag dahhhling...not a purse...

I'm so sleepy, yet I cannot stop thinking about my dream house (which will come years from now due to the prices right now) and my dream handbag. hehe. I have the option of getting it for about $100 less than what it's selling for. A limited edition Dooney. Now, mind you...I do not own ANY brand name bags or anything like that. I'm not big on name brands anyways. To me, as long as it's pretty, who cares? Name brand stuff are so overpriced and you get only just that...the name.

But this's gorgeous. I rarely get this crazy over something this overpriced. Haha. But, I think I will have to sacrifice itand use that $400 for a downpayment on a house. I thought about it, and sure, I'll have that bag for years and love it, but I think a house takes precedence over a handbag. So for now...I shall have to just stare at the bag.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How I Miss The Old Days...

I was driving home today from work, listening to my iPod on shuffle (I have no radio right now because I don't know the code to unlock it) and the song "Wildfire" by Michael Martin Murphy came on, and it completely took me back to the old days. The days when we used to go on family trips every year to Vegas, Disneyland, Concord, Monterey, etc. and just listen to the same songs on repeat. Or when we'd repeatedly sing old Filipino songs until we fell asleep in the car. Driving around in Uncle Jerry's honker of a van, laughing and eating, and listening to songs like "Wildfire" and "Footloose", country music, oldies, anything! Just going around, creating great family memories. What happened? We all grew up, went our own ways... Things are different now, and I wish they weren't sometimes. I mean, don't get me wrong...I love my life now. Everything is going great, regardless of the bad that comes up here and there. I still have my family, and I still spend time with my family and friends. (Although I really miss Mama & Papa) But I do miss those family vacations, and knowing that I really had no care in the world, and had no idea how bad this world can be. *sigh* The things that come up when you grow up...

My 3rd birthday with my fav. boys & sister. =)

Monday, January 7, 2008


As the New Year dawns on me, I've become very contemplative. (As Ira has pointed out today.) It's not a bad thing, it's just got me thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2008. I have so many that I want to accomplish, but it's like setting myself up to fail by choosing a bunch of big things that I can't even focus on.

Here is just a few of the things:
  • Buy a condo/townhouse
  • Deal with the change in my income after buying the place. hehe.
  • Go to the gym more. Ex: Take Yoga class (Who wants to join me?)
  • Read the Bible
  • Drink more water. (Yes...I don't like water)
  • Eat healthier
  • Move up in work
  • Decide what it is exactly that I want to do for a living, where I see myself in the future...
So you see...these are doable resolutions, it's just that I cannot fully concentrate on achieving these goals if I have so many large ones. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make any of these easier to accomplish? *sigh* The pain and suffering of growing up...

Happy New Year everyone. I hope to see everyone in 2008 and may 2008 be everything you hope for.