Wednesday, January 23, 2008

God has a plan...

There is way too much of that going around me right now. Good people are having to deal with things that I would never wish upon anyone. It makes me very sad and helpless to hear about everything going on. It's the worst to know very well that there is nothing you can do but listen and lend a shoulder (or ear) to depend upon.

I'm becoming more curious about Parkinsons. Someone dear to me is having to see one of their parents go through it, and it's just getting worse as time goes on. Cancer, of course, is another that is affecting someone I love. Cancer tends to run in the family, and it sucks.

It's amazing though to hear about how they deal with things. I mean, knowing that they're living day to day, yet they're making the most out of everything. They're not just sitting at home, sulking and cursing God for doing that to them. My aunt felt like going to Monterey with my parents one day, so they drove down here from Sacramento just to go to Monterey and enjoy it. That is just really awesome to me. Sad, but amazing.

All I can do now is just pray for them and the family. It happens for a reason right? God has a plan...

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