Monday, July 25, 2011

154 of 365

Yesterday's picture. Yesterday was filled with Vacation Bible School items. Despite all the stress, things seem to be working itself out. God is good. Let's hope for a great event next week.

Nerdy fact: I love excel.

153 of 365

 Taken July 23, 2011

These are some decorations from Lou Anne's Bridal Shower. Love the colors. Hello Kitty made an appearance. I love friends.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

152 of 365

 Taken July 20, 2011. Pan de sal and butter are so delicious.

Monday, July 18, 2011

151 of 365

Yay! I'm finally caught up on my Pic-of-the-day.

Vacation Bible School planning is stressing me out, even though I'm doing the least of the planning. It's very hard to work with different personalities. Prayer and cute folders help.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

150 of 365

Taken July 15, 2011

I can't stop staring at the jewelry piece I bought from my cousins husband. This piece is truly one of a kind. Check him out: Jade Divers

149 of 365

Taken July 13, 2011

It's raining in July in the Bay Area! Ick! I want Mr. Sunshine to come back.

148 of 365

Taken July 10, 2011

My cousins husband dives for jade and then creates his own masterpieces. He happened to have a table at a local fair, so me and the hubby went by to support him and check all his stuff out. His pieces are truly one of a kind. Some of his pieces also have abalone that he's found as well.

Check him out: Jade Divers

147 of 365

Taken July 9, 2011

My uncle's cancer went into remission, then within a month ended up showing up again. Apparently it decided it wanted to spread into his brain. We went to go visit him at the John Muir hospital where he's staying at. This hospital is gorgeous. My uncle unfortunately isn't allowed to see the beauty. He's currently trapped in his room: no tv, no books, no leaving the room. Praying things start looking up soon.

146 of 365

Taken July 3, 2011

The beautiful bridal bouquet & bridesmaid bouquets.

145 of 365

Taken July 2, 2011

This was the day prior to one of my bestie's wedding. We had lunch at her grandmother's house and I got to see all these miniatures that her grandfather makes. He had a whole village on the window sill!

144 of 365

Taken June 27, 2011

My work helped out the Alameda County Community Food Bank at the Alameda County Fair. If people brought in 4 non-perishable items, they got to get into the fair for free. It was so great to see how everyone loved to help out. Many people brought extra to just help out. That made up for the one or two people I saw that tried to cheat the system and be greedy. (One guy gave away his sons lunch just so he can get in for free!) *Sigh*

143 of 365

Taken June 26, 2011

We went to visit my parents, and I found this note in their fridge. Our chubby Rocky has his own human food. Gotta love when people treat their pets like their own kids.

142 of 365

Taken June 23, 2011

My co-worker's son made these cute Pac-Man pieces. So creative. I love it, especially the red cross-eyed one.

Pictures and privacy

You know, as I was going through all the pictures that I've taken since I've been M.I.A., I noticed that I took quite a few pictures, but mainly of family and friends. I've decided not to include most of those because I'm still wary about posting all that, especially since my blog is public. I guess my 365 project will just have tons of gaps until I decide that family/friend pictures are okay to post.

141 of 365

Taken June 21, 2011

We finally had the chance to meet the pretty Chow Chow in our neighborhood. Our neighbor had an older one that they had to put to sleep. Pretty sad. So they got a new one. Meet Mya. She's so cute and full of energy.

140 of 365

Taken on June 18, 2011

My dad has a tendency to keep random porcelain pieces in their front yard. I love my dad.

139 of 365

Taken June 16, 2011

When I forget to bring a lunch and don't feel like spending a lot for lunch, I got to this local asian bakery. This ham and cheese bun is only a dollar and it's quite delicious. My drink usually ends up a pearl tea drink from next door. That is until I found out that their drinks may have pieces of plastic in it. Weird huh?

138 of 365

Taken on June 12, 2011.

We ended up having a "camping" weekend at our house. The kids had a blast! This is something I definitely wouldn't mind doing again.