Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Turkey's, Handbags & Shoes, Oh My!

So every few often, I get the joys of passing through turkey's to get into our company building. Late last week, everyone had the joy of seeing 3 large turkey's with their feathers all spread and everything. It was beautiful. On another note, I went to the mall near my house today, and I remembered that my coworker told me that Nordstroms had my handbag at the mall near work. So I decided to just see if this Nordstroms had it. Well...it did. It was the first one I saw. Once I touched it, it was over. The leather is so soft and shiny. The inside is so beautiful. Within 5 minutes, I had put the bag on the counter and paying for it. BUT, here is a pair of pretty shoes that I had purchased a few days earlier. I think I may have to return them now that I have my Hayden Bag. *WAAAAHHHH*

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