Thursday, May 7, 2009

Zee Avi

I found this girl on youtube awhile back, and I started following her on youtube for her new songs. What caught my eye was her ukulele and how she'd play and sing but only show the guitar and her lips. Not her face. Purely so that people can hear her and not focus on what she looks like. She sings awesome! She has made me want to learn how to play from the start. Now, she's actually got a CD coming out in a few weeks. I'm pretty obsessed. I love her soulful voice. Plus, now I found out she's going to be in SF this month! $10. I hate SF, but I will suffer to go check her out! Maybe I can make our dentist appointment the same day so that we can just take the whole day off. WHOOHOO! I'm seriously very excited.

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