Sunday, August 29, 2010

Book Tour - Creative, Inc.

I'm so excited. I just went to Borders and ordered the book Creative, Inc. by Meg Ilasco and Joy Cho. I'm very sad it wasn't at Borders. In fact, they told me it's not in any Borders store. So the guy just helped me order it to be shipped to my house.

I follow Joy's blog Oh Joy! and Oh Joy Eats blog, as well as follow her on Twitter, and I must say, I am quite addicted to everything she posts. She has such colorful and creative items. Even food! Her Oh Joy Eats tweets are great. She's going to be in San Francisco for a mini book tour and I really want to go. It's going to be about a block and a half away from a BART stop, so that's even better. (I try and avoid going to the city unless it's easily accessible.)

I can't wait for the book to arrive. Please Mr. Postman, hurry up!

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