Sunday, February 27, 2011

Christchurch, NZ

When my hubby and I went to Christchurch, NZ last year, they had just gone through a pretty big earthquake. We even called Hotel So, where we planned to stay, to make sure that they were still physically okay for when we visit. They said they were fine, but a few roads were still blocked around them. We felt a pretty decent sized earthquake the first day we were there. It wasn't too fun since we were on the 6th floor of our hotel. We ended up having a great time there, despite those few aftershocks we felt.

About a week ago, they were hit again with a huge earthquake. 6.3. This time there were some fatalities. It made me and my hubby pretty sad. Just praying for those that are there. Hoping for the best and remembering what it was like there.

The Canterbury Museum, which used to be a College campus.

 Awesome artwork that hung in the middle of the museum. It looked different from every angle.

Downtown Christchurch. They had lots of food trucks that would just park in the middle of the center.

Yes they can.

{All photos taken by the Mister & me}

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