Thursday, May 26, 2011

15 things to do before a baby

So I found this link on The Nest on the 15 things to do before you have a baby. I thought I'd see how much I've done on this list.
  1. Go on a wine-tasting tour at a vineyard. Check. Hubby and I even got a chance to do this in New Zealand. It's gorgeous over there. 
  2. Go skydiving/bungee jumping/swimming with sharks...or whatever other crazy, life-risking thing you’ve got on your bucket list. Incomplete. To be honest, I've never actually had any of this on my bucket list. I've never really had the "want" to do this, so it actually doesn't feel too bad that I can't check this off.
  3. Make a list of all the restaurants and bars you've been meaning to check out -- and go. Incomplete. Man, if I did this, I'd be going out every day. Although, this is a good thing to do, so I may create a new spreadsheet for it. I'm quite excited.
  4. Appreciate the bathroom -- alone. Check. I love the bathroom. Weird, I know, but I do.
  5. Stop being so self-righteous. Check. As much as I would like to ignore this fact, our child will throw tantrums. It's inevitable.
  6. Take a road trip. Check. I've been lucky enough to be able to take mini road trips with family and with the hubby. Growing up, the family always took road trips to Las Vegas. My longest road trip was with my family to Vancouver, Canada. What a trip! 
  7. Be spontaneous. Check.
  8. Spend an entire day in bed together watching movies. Check. I always feel weird at first because I feel like I should be doing more, but in the end, it feels great to do nothing.
  9. Have boozy lunches with friends. Check. Love these.
  10. Feed your minimalist side. Check. The article was talking about buying a white couch and drinking wine on it before all the kids come and topple it over.
  11. Have morning sex. Check.
  12. Be the last ones to leave the party. Check.
  13. Fly first class. Incomplete. I've always wanted to do this. Maybe we'll do this on our trip to Hawaii this year. 
  14. Wear as much silk, cashmere, dry-clean-only clothing as you possibly can, while you still can. Check. I don't always veer towards fancy clothes, but I do wear dry-clean-only clothing. 
  15. Take a career risk. Check. I still feel like there are more career risks that may come along that I may go for, but so far I've done what has come my way. 
Okay, it looks like I've done all but 3 on the list. Pretty good. I feel like I could get 2 of those things completed too. I'm actually surprised that traveling to different countries was not on the list. I always hear that one from people. Does this mean that I'm ready for the next stage in life? To have a little one?

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