Sunday, June 26, 2011


I know I've been M.I.A. but I just can't get myself to do the 365 pictures a day. It started to feel like it was a chore, which took away from the creativity. If anything, I'm highly tempted to stop the 365 pictures and start something new. Maybe a monthly thing. Something creative that will get me blogging and taking pictures again.

I found this video and it's perfect for what I'm going through. "29 Ways To Stay Creative".


Bea said...

I totally understand it feeling like a chore sometimes, especially when it's been a long day. I found the most challenging part was feeling obligated to post each day. That's why I post in chunks now. It makes it less laborious. Maybe, if you figure out what makes it tedious for you, you can still finish it. :)

Kay Jay See Bee said...

I think it was the same issue for me too, the posting. I have been going over some pictures I've been taking this month and it seems like I barely took any pictures in June. Well, worth posting anyways.I'm still skeptical about posting a bunch of family pictures, esp. of the kiddies.

I hope I figure it out too so I can finish it. =D