Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Being Pregnant

I loved being pregnant. Watching your body go through so many changes so fast was fascinating. Not only does your body change, but the way people treat you drastically changes as well. They all mean well, but it's interesting to find out what begins to irritate you and what you love. Here is just a small list of what I began to observe during my 34 weeks of pregnancy.

  • People will automatically state the obvious. "Oh my goodness, you're getting bigger!" Really? I didn't notice. I had no idea that's what happens when you're pregnant. 
  • Everyone will all of a sudden know everything about what you should and shouldn't do while you're pregnant, and they'll vocalize it. "You shouldn't be drinking caffeine." "Deli meat is bad for you." "Should you be eating that? It has feta in it." I know that they mean well, but after awhile, it does get on your nerves a little. I truly believe that moderation is key. Have a cup of coffee if you really want to. Go ahead and eat that salad with feta in it. As long as you're not having a ton of caffeine everyday, I think you'll be fine. You know your body best. Listen to it. 
  • Almost everyone will ask you, "How are you feeling?"I would always answer that I'm feeling fine, but it seemed as if the person would be waiting for more details or they think I'm sugar coating how I really feel. Were they hoping I'd go into too much information and tell them that my feet are swelling, my sciatica is acting up, it's getting harder to walk around? I know the people mean well, but it was always a question that I felt awkward answering sometimes.
  • Becoming pregnant automatically enters you into this "Motherhood Sorority". All of a sudden every mother will talk to you about what it's like to be pregnant, the actual labor, and raising a child. I'm a pretty open person, so all the conversations that had a little too much information didn't phase me. You're about to embark on such a wonderful and huge change in your life. It's great to know that once you're pregnant, every other mother around you feels some sort of bond with you.

Overall, I loved being pregnant. If you're currently pregnant with your first child, enjoy the ride. It's wonderful.

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