Sunday, October 24, 2010


I love animals. They're all so unique. We got to see lots of different animals in Tahiti, Australia and New Zealand. Specifically in Australia, where we went to an actual wildlife park and even got to feed some of the animals. I'm still trying to figure out what some of these animals are.

Gulls in New Zealand looked so white and clean!
 Loved the colors on this mallard.
 We didn't get to see a real kiwi, but here is a fake, enlarged kiwi. They're actually quite small.
It was breeding season in Melbourne, Australia for these gulls. It was great to see all the baby birds and the protective parents.
Wombat! This chubby fellow was happy to hang out next to us humans.
I didn't see what type of bird this was, but it had lovely colors and was pretty vocal the day we saw it.
Barn owls.
The dingos were actually blocked off with electrical wired fences. They're very cute, but can be harmful to everyone.

 This echidna is too cute. I was kind of upset at this group of guys for throwing food at it, trying to get as many seeds stuck on its back. The echidna wasn't fazed though and somehow got clean when I saw it a second time.
My husband and I were able to feed these cute fellas. They're very nice if you don't run after it and pose any harm to it.
 I heart koalas.
Such a large pelican, but very beautiful.
We actually got to see a penguin parade. This furry guy was in its home underground. The wildlife park created holes where you can see some penguins in their home without bothering them. They're so cute and small. At night, when it gets too dark, the penguins all come home from their excursions in the ocean, otherwise known as the penguin parade.

We got to feed some wild birds.
 Yes, you are seeing correctly. This is a large ant in Melbourne. Scary! I almost stepped on it. I'm sure these guys bite.
{all photos taken by me & my husband}

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