Friday, December 31, 2010

I love my family

So every holiday for me has always been about being able to spend time with family and just chat, eat and enjoy everyone's company. Holidays are usually the only time a family of our size can really get together. This year, Christmas was just that, in a completely different way.

Every year, my dad's side always celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. Due to everyone living so far away, we usually alternate from having it either in the Sacramento area, or the Bay Area. We got to have my uncle host Christmas Eve one last time. My uncle has been battling cancer for awhile, but the 2 weeks before Christmas, we watched it spiral downward pretty quickly. Yet no one ever saw him moping or complaining about the pain. Realizing the unfortunate truth, we all prayed for one more Christmas and a peaceful passing. We all got what we asked for. As of the afternoon on Christmas Day, my uncle has been in peace.

My dad had made this comment to me while we were both walking to my car. "Your uncle brought us all here to America. I can't believe he's gone now. Us aunties and uncles have been very close. You and your cousins all better be the same. Don't lose sight of your family." Me and the cousins are all pretty close already, and we definitely don't plan to change that.

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